Nosara, Home to Siva Ashram

July 14, 2021 • Costa Rica

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Nosara, Costa Rica is a beautiful beach town on the Pacific and is part of the Guanacaste province in the North West part of Costa Rica. This region is famous for its beaches, stunning sunsets and a dry tropical forest that flowers in the dry season.

When Dandapani and Tatiana first visited Nosara, they were struck by the wild beauty of the mountains, world-famous surfing, diverse wildlife, friendly people, and a diverse community that has made strong commitments to the environment. It felt like the right place to establish and develop the gardens of Siva Ashram.

The surrounding area of Nosara is magical and a haven for the shy (but very noisy) howler monkeys, variegated squirrels, white-nosed coatis and astounding varieties of birds and butterflies. Siva Ashram is within minutes from 3 of the area’s most beautiful beaches. Playa Guiones is a 10-minute drive and is one of Costa Rica’s most famous surfing beaches. If you’re more into watching waves crash into rocks and cliffs, 8-minutes away is Playa Pelada, a wild and sheltered bay with a long walkable beach. 15- minutes along a beautiful country road from Siva Ashram is Playa Ostional, a black sand beach that is visited by tens of thousands of turtles every year.

In addition to modern amenities like great yoga, cute boutiques, restaurants featuring international cuisine with a growing variety of vegan and vegetarian options, fresh baked breads and a wide variety of luxury and budget hotels, you will still find cowboys on horses herding their cattle down country lanes and bulls pulling old wooden carts.

The botanical gardens of Siva Ashram will feature many rare and endangered indigenous trees to celebrate the beauty of the region. Some of the trees indigenous on the property include giant Kapok trees (Ceiba Pentandra) that grows up to 230 ft (70m), the Guanacaste tree (Enterolobium Cyclocarpum) which is the national tree of Costa Rica, the highly medicinal Cortez Negro, and the Tabebuia Rosea whose pink flowers the howler monkeys enjoy devouring. These are a few of the many trees we have planted for humans and animals to enjoy and be inspired by the beauty of this gorgeous planet that we live on.

Nosara has a lot to offer an international traveler including hiking, surfing, wildlife spotting, shopping, eating and yoga. Once Siva Ashram opens its botanical garden to the public, it will be the perfect complement to a Nosara visit and we hope you will come and visit us.

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