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Siva Ashram’s 33-acre Spiritual Gardens

Volunteering at Siva Ashram

We get a lot of requests from people wanting to know if they can stop by and plant a tree in the gardens. And to be honest, planting trees is actually not a great volunteering opportunity at the gardens, because it involves working all day in the relentless sun, hand digging through rocky soil, and dealing with the local animals (like snakes, biting ants, and scorpions). We also tend to plant hundreds of trees and plants over the course of a few days and so for this job we hire a great team of locals that understand the terrain, are generally amazing, and get the job done. If you want to plant a tree in the gardens, sponsor one and we’ll plant it for you during our next planned planting session!

If you are interested in volunteering, we are currently looking for volunteers that have skills with:

  • Landscape design
  • Landscape lighting
  • 3-D renderings for gardens and shrines
  • Irrigation design and installation
  • Pond design and maintenance
  • Low cost and smart ideas for water recycling, drainage, and storage
  • Organic farming techniques for the tropics
  • Designing a composting system
  • and if you are visiting or local and really want to get your hands dirty…pruning!


Please email us at if you’re able to help with any of these mentioned skills.

Siva Ashram Costa Rica

Visiting Siva Ashram

At the moment our gardens are not ready for visitors, as it takes years for trees and plants to come into maturity and look like something coherent. The trees that we planted in 2013 are finally starting to mature enough to flower and take a nice shape, so we hope that by 2024 the gardens and pathways will be mature enough for visitors to enjoy. Once the gardens are open to the public, we will post visiting hours and dates of guided tours. At the moment, there are no plans for accommodations at the ashram, so we will not be hosting overnight visitors. Luckily, there are many wonderful lodging options available in Nosara to suit all tastes and budgets.


What is Siva Ashram?

Siva Ashram is a 33-acre Hindu spiritual sanctuary. This land will be a haven for nature to thrive with lush gardens and a sanctuary for people to learn tools and teachings for spiritual unfoldment.

Bordered by the Nosara River to the south and a hill to the north of the property, Siva Ashram is located in the beautiful town of Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

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Dandapani and his wife, Tatiana, are the main founders and directors of the Siva Ashram botanical garden.

Yes, supporting Dandapani and Tatiana, there is a wonderful team of 5 hard-working members.

We hope to build the ashram as environmentally consciously and budget conscientiously as possible by using durable and recycled materials when possible, smart water recycling technologies, solar energy, passive cooling, etc. If you are inspired to help us and have expertise in any of the above areas, or if you are a horticulturist that specializes in tropical gardens and have advice for us, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at

No. Siva Ashram will be open to the public but won’t offer lodging or accommodations for students.

We gave it some thought and concluded that one simple way to express gratitude is through contributing an item to the gardens!

By donating, you will help to create a place that will share these transformative teachings with many in the future, and you will also be giving back to the greater ecology of the Earth.

Donations will support the acquisition and maintenance of our entire eco-spiritual sanctuary. This includes all garden items, plants, and trees; the carving, shipping, and installation of statues for the seven gardens; and also general labor, materials, design, costs associated with tools, construction, and legal operation permits.

Want to say “Thank You”?

Three different ways to support the creation of Siva Ashram.

Siva Ashram is a labor of love. It has been built with the intention to uplift humanity and positively shift humans’ perspective and relationship with themselves and with nature. Such an endeavor cannot be accomplished alone. If you feel inspired by what we are creating, or you have been positively impacted by the teachings and would like a way to give back, please consider supporting the creation of Siva Ashram. Here are three ways you can support Siva Ashram financially:

One time or
Recurring Donations


Tree & Item

Sponsor A Tree

Donations for
Crowdsourced Projects


“The earth is what we all have in common.”

~ Wendell Berry