Siva Ashram’s
local residents

A Natural Sanctuary for Wildlife

Built without borders

As humans encroach more and more on nature, many birds and animals are losing their habitats. One of our missions is to make the 33 acres of land that is Siva Ashram a natural sanctuary for wildlife. One where they can freely come and go. No cages. Free food and lodging for our feathered and furry friends, and even the leathered and scaly ones, too.

Over the years we are proud to see a growing number of birds and animals on the property, a testament to the work that we have been doing. We continue to plant trees and plants that will feed many of these birds and animals and attract them to our sanctuary where they can safely reside.

A Costa Rican Jungle Book

A stage fit for a Rudyard Kipling novel

Walking the gardens at Siva Ashram can often be a mesmerizing experience if you’re observant. A tapping sound on a tree can reveal a Kingfisher while endless chirps and whistles call attention to a range of feathered friends who have made this sanctuary their home. What looks like a poised, ready-to-strike, black cobra in the distance, is in fact, a white-nosed coati with its long black tail proudly standing tall with a slight curve at the end. A rustling in the bushes may reveal an armadillo and if you are blessed you may spot an anteater silently watching you from a tree.

The Howler monkeys don’t try to hide their presence. Their call can be heard up to three miles away in a dense forest. Families of Howlers are often seen daily at Siva Ashram chilling on the many treetops watching our senseless behavior down below. We’ve seen Capuchin monkeys too though this is rare.

At times we are fortunate enough to have a phone or camera with us to capture what we see. Other times, it’s all about you and the experience, and a memory that may last a lifetime. The highlight, it must be said, was when two workers hired to operate some machines spotted a large black cat – the elusive black panther – on the southern river border of the property.

Amongst our Residents

Here are a few local residents who have not been camera shy

Squirrel cuckoo

These curious beautiful birds resemble the colors of red squirrels and are quite exemplary as males and females equally share tasks like building nests, incubating eggs, and feeding their babies.

Black spiny-tailed iguana

Locally known as garrobos, these excellent climbers are actually the fastest-running lizards in the world. They mostly eat leaves, flowers and fruit hence why they enjoy visiting the gardens often!

Turkey vulture

Although disliked by many, these hardworking scavengers do a lot of the dirty work. It’s hard to visit Costa Rica and not see them – they are the most abundant vultures in the American continent.

American crocodile

This grand creature can be found in any kind of water body, like the Nosara river, bordering Siva Ashram. It keeps its distance from humans and can be seen relaxing and sunbathing on the riverside.

Variegated squirrel

These lovely bushy-tailed rodents can be seen all over Costa Rica. They spend the day leaping from one tree branch to another looking for food and can open a coconut with their sharp little teeth!

“Humanity still has the ability to work together in building our common home.”

~ Pope Francis