Siva Ashram

A Hindu
Spiritual Sanctuary
in the Making

The Vision

To manifest a Hindu spiritual sanctuary
for spiritual unfoldment through one’s own self effort

In 2013, we bought 16.5 acres of land in Nosara, Costa Rica, and Subramuniya Sanctuary was born! Together, we shared a vision to create a Hindu spiritual sanctuary where all guests could take respite from their daily lives, restore their physical health, and nurture their souls amidst the matchless abundance of nature.

Located on the banks of the Rio Nosara, the sanctuary will be home to our crowning jewel, Siva Ashram, which consists of a Hindu temple, a wellness center, and a guest residence – all set amidst a network of paths winding through an expansive botanical garden brimming with flora and fauna. Can you imagine a better place for self-reflection?

The Place

Bringing to life an abandoned land

Previously, this land had been abandoned, and it has been one of our greatest joys bringing it back to glory by reforesting it with native and non-invasive exotic species. Ultimately, we hope this will also be a sanctuary for the indigenous wildlife, which is much in need of natural habitats.

Subramuniya Sanctuary, as it is legally registered, is named after my late guru to whom I am in deepest gratitude for his life-transforming love and wisdom. We affectionately call this land Siva Ashram.

Our wish is that all those who may come to visit also come to “know thyself” – a central teaching of my guru and spiritual lineage.

The Catalysts

What inspired the creation of Siva Ashram

I was 24 years old when I was initiated to be a monk by my guru, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (more affectionately known as Gurudeva). For decades, my family members have been disciples of this lineage, including my great grandfather who in the 1900s was a disciple of Yogaswami, a renowned guru and mystic in Sri Lanka and the guru to Gurudeva. I continued the family guru-disciple lineage when I joined Gurudeva’s monastery in Hawaii, where I lived and studied for 10 years.

The teachings of Yogaswami and Gurudeva have transformed my life, the lives of my family members, and the lives of many others. Inspired to honor, celebrate and continue to share their work, my wife and I are building this sanctuary for those who are serious about personal growth, self-transformation, making progress on the spiritual path and the ultimate goal of self-realization.

The Teachings

The simple and practical Hindu philosophy
as extolled in the religion’s core scriptures, the Vedas and Agamas

People often say they are on the spiritual path, but most people are unable to outline the philosophy of the path, the path itself and its goal. To make progress on the spiritual path, these three things must be clearly defined.

Siva Ashram is dedicated to fostering the “Path of Spiritual Practice” – also known as the Sadhana Marga – via the philosophy of Saiva Siddhanta, which is rooted in the teachings of the Hindu Vedas and the Agamas.

As Gurudeva put it, “the path of Saiva Siddhanta is worshipping God on the outside and realizing God on the inside, and when the two come together – transformation!”

It is this path of self-transformation that gradually unfurls through personal effort, spiritual discipline and consistent inner work. On this path, there should always be a sense of urgency but never a feeling of rush.