Corypha Utan
Corypha Utan 2

Cabbage Palm


Cabbage Palm

Corypha Utan

Truly a giant amongst the Palms!  Its leaves can be up to 10ft in diameter.  Its trunk reaches as high as 100ft tall with a crown whose diameter can be up to 27ft!  Every part of this palm can be used to feed and shelter animals and humans.  The Cabbage Palm’s sugary sap is even made into wine!


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Detailed Description

The sugary sap of Corypha Utan, obtained by tapping the palm top and inflorescences, is made into wine, sugar, alcohol, or vinegar.  Adult leaves can be roof thatching, or used in the manufacturing of mats and umbrellas. The midribs of the leaves are used for furniture making and constructions of interior house walls.  Fibres obtained from young unfolded leaves are used in the manufacture of nets, bags, mats, sails, baskets, string, ropes, hats, cloth, and fancy articles.  Palm Cabbage, the terminal bud, is eaten as a vegetable. The young cooked fruits are consumed as sweetmeats.  Rosaries, necklaces and buttons are made from the hard seeds. In times of scarcity starch is extracted from the stem.  Found along rivers, wetlands, watercourses, floodplains and grasslands in Assam, Bangladesh, Borneo, Cambodia, India, Jawa, Laos, Malaysia, Indochina, New Guinea, Northern Territory, Philippines, Queensland, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.


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