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Looking for help with the building phase of Siva Ashram

We are hoping to start building the ashram building in the early part of 2019. We hope to build the ashram as environmentally consciously and budget conscientiously as possible by using durable and recycled materials when possible, smart water recycling technologies, solar energy, passive cooling, etc. If you are inspired to help us and have expertise in any of the above areas, or if you are a horticulturist that specializes in tropical gardens and have advice for us, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at

Read about our Ashram Angels who have contributed their expertise in helping manifest Siva Ashram.

Pictured here: Tim Davies, the founder of Tim Davies Landscaping, an award winning landscaping company based in Western Australia, travels to Costa Rica to help with the project. Here he is designing the 800-foot long driveway entrance for the ashram.

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