Costa Rica

Home to Siva Ashram

and Breathtaking

Natural Beauty

Pura Vida

Pure Life… It’s what the locals call it.

Costa Rica is a beautiful and biodiverse country with countless breathtaking vistas. Unlike most of the country, the Nicoya Pennisula – where Siva Ashram is located – has only two seasons, which vastly differ from one another: a wet season (May-November) and a dry season (December-April).



A paradise within Costa Rica

When my wife and I discovered Nosara, we were struck by the wild beauty of the mountains, world-famous surfing, diverse wildlife, friendly people, and a diverse community that has made strong commitments to the environment.

Nosara River

Siva Ashram is just 8 minutes from Playa Pelada, a beautiful sheltered bay perfect for relaxing; 10 minutes from Playa Guiones, one of Costa Rica’s top surfing beaches; and 15 minutes from Playa Ostional, a black sand beach that is visited by tens of thousands of turtles every year.

Nosara feels like home to us, and we hope it does to you, too!

Sunset at
Playa Guiones

Nosara, Costa Rica