Gems of the Desert

A 12-Day Spiritual Adventure

with Dandapani in North India

September 2018


Are you ready for a life-changing experience?

Then come on a Spiritual Adventure with us.

Every year Dandapani takes a group of earnest souls who are ready to work on themselves on a spiritual adventure. We go to distant lands, explore and discover new cultures, settle down and dive deep within ourselves in meditation and self-reflection, and face the obstacles we’ve created in our lives.

Our 2018 Gems of the Desert spiritual adventure is no different. With an itinerary that is designed to give you an authentic, heartfelt experience of North India, this journey is for those who are looking for a catalyst to take their lives to the next best version of themselves in India’s most enchanting state. Are you ready for a life-changing spiritual adventure?

Spiritual Adventures

Journeys with the Intention of Transformation

A pilgrimage to the Self within you

Making a commitment to be the best version of you

A spiritual adventure is no ordinary journey. It is well-thought-out and planned. It is to be approached with respect and courage, for it brings about change in a person. Change is the first step towards realizing the permanent divinity within each of us. Join me and other spiritual seekers on a joyful, sacred, spiritual adventure through one of the world’s most enchanting sub-continents, India!

A spiritual journey always provides a little challenge. If it was easy to plan and organize, it would be a vacation—not a spiritual adventure. Very little personal change comes from a vacation, whereas a spiritual journey that is well prepared, considering both the mental and the physical, can bring about great personal growth. So many people turn and throw up their hands at the first sign of adversity. If you feel this spiritual adventure focused on self-transformation deeply resonates with you, then you should come along. Everything else will fall into place accordingly once you start taking charge of your life.

Timeless Tools of Transformation

Simple, practical and applicable in every aspect of your life

There will be classes each day with Dandapani as he shares with you tranformative teachings and tools from the world’s oldest religion, Hinduism. These teachings and tools are applicable to all. They are anchored in practicality, processes and goals, allowing individuals to create a road map in which their life can flow through to their desired outcome. The emphasis and responsibility is, however, on the individual. It is up to you to apply the teachings and tools in your life to create a sustainable change.

The classes take place at the various destinations we will be staying—sometimes under a tree in the vicinity of an ancient temple and sometimes in the courtyard of a 300-year-old manor. Regardless of the venue, the classes are a great opportunity to discuss and talk about how the tools can positively impact your personal unfoldment in your journey of living out your purpose.

Land of Kings and Warriors


Our Destination

Rajasthan, the land of the Rajput kings for over a millennium, is where our quest for spiritual growth and our enchantment with life’s wonder will take place. The desertscapes provide a stark background to the grand fortresses and palaces that rise from the sand and hills, the intricately carved temples built of deathless devotion to God, and the colorful fabrics donned by the locals whose smiles will melt your heart. In a journey focused on discovering one’s Self, you can certainly lose yourself meandering the crooked alleyways of these ancient towns and exploring the wondrous beauty of the surrounding countryside.

From the peaceful lakes and stunning palaces of India’s most romantic city, Udaipur, to a fortress in the foothills of the Aravalli Range, Kumbhalgarh, from the remote untouched village of Chandelao to the bustling Blue City of Jodhpur, our itinerary has been thoughtfully designed for you to experience some of Rajasthan’s best highlights.

Come Explore with Us!

Savor and Capture the Moment

Experiences to last a lifetime

Other significant aspects of our journey are the food and the photography. As we traverse Rajasthan, we will touch on the history, culture, ingredients and cooking methods of this complex desert cuisine. We will also have a private cooking class and learn from the masters—the hereditary chefs who have cooked for Rajput royalty for centuries.

With our bellies full, we will take walks into the villages and towns, meandering through the alleys and streets teeming with stores, people and everything that you do and do not expect on a walkway. Here a photographer is in paradise. From palaces to forts to temples to people, there is absolutely no end to what you can photograph in Rajasthan.

An Experience of a Lifetime

It simply awaits your first step

On this spiritual adventure, we learn as we travel. As we explore this enchantingly beautiful state in northwestern India, we will delve into the landscape of our mind and learn powerful tools to transform the way we think and the way we live our lives. All classes will be taught by Dandapani and are based on the ancient Hindu teachings, in particular the Saiva Siddhanta philosophy that originated in India many thousands of years ago. Find the perfect balance between your inner and outer worlds, and define a clear path to experiencing your higher Self within.

This spiritual adventure is not for the faint-hearted, nor is it only for the fearless. It is for those seeking to discover themselves on a journey of personal transformation through myriad inner and outer experiences that last a lifetime. Isn’t it time you explored one of the world’s most gorgeous and diverse subcontinents, and discovered yourself in a soul-stirring spiritual adventure?

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