Water Apple


Water Apple

Syzygium malaccense

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Syzygium malaccense is a species of flowering tree native to MalaysiaIndonesia (Sumatra and Java), VietnamThailandNew Guinea and Australia. It has been introduced throughout the tropics, including many Caribbean countries and territories.

The combination of tree, flowers and fruit has been praised as the most beautiful of the Myrtaceae family. The fruit is oblong-shaped and dark red in color, although some varieties have white or pink skins. The flesh is white and surrounds a large seed. Its taste is bland but refreshing. Jam is prepared by stewing the flesh with brown sugar and ginger.

The tree can grow to 12–18 m (39–59 ft) in height. It flowers in early summer, bearing fruit three months afterward. In Costa Rica, it flowers earlier, with ripe fruit in April. Coffee growers use the species to divert birds.



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