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Ron Ron


Ron Ron

Astronium graveolens

We’ve planted 3 of these in a small hardwood forest that we are creating on the northwest section of the sanctuary.

Ron-Ron wood combines beauty with high resistance and natural durability making it an excellent wood for quality furniture, cabinets, floors, parquet, decorative veneers, carving, paneling, heavy construction, and general construction. A member of the cashew family, it flowers during the dry season between December to March, and fruits between February and May.


Quantity Needed: 3


Price: $75.00

Detailed Description

Astronium graveolens, grows in Mexico, Central America, Brazil and Bolivia. In Costa Rica the species grows throughout Guanacaste, the Osa Península, Upala and Los Chiles. The sapwood is light brown-grayish or dark brown-yellowish, while the heartwood can be grayish-orange, reddish-brown to bright red with bands of medium to very dark brown in irregular widths.  Ron-Ron wood becomes brown-reddish or dark reddish with nearly black stripes after exposure to air and light.  A flowering member of the cashew family, it is often valued for its rot-resistant and beautiful wood instead of its fruit.


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