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Potbellied Tree BasePseudobombax septenatum

Potbellied Ceibo


Potbellied Ceibo

Pseudobombax septenatum

These magnificent trees will be planted along the fence line that borders the road on the north side of the property. With its spectacular massive pot bellied trunk the tree will be quite the sight to behold as visitors approach the spiritual sanctuary. This tree almost doubles its height every year. More about the trees below.

It is a large tree of deciduous; the shaft is fusiform, often with a thickening near the base domed. The bark is pardogrisácea, with distinctive green stripes that fade with age but allow differentiate lifetime. The cup is concentrated at the top; for most of its length has no branches . The leaves are compound, palmate, with 5 to 7 leaflets up 15 by 7 cm, obovate, acuminate, with a short petiole that extends in grooved petiolules. Completely lost leaves around December, and not recover until the beginning of the rainy season in April or May.

The flowers are presented solitary or in peaks 2 to 5 flowers; reach 10 cm, and is open at night. The petals are lanceolate, pubescent, fleshy, of 7-9 cm in length and pink or cream; the stamens are numerous, forming white balls with pompons appearance. Stigma is usually lobed, sometimes capitate; the superior ovary. Pollination is zoophilic , often by bats herbivores that feed on the petals. By the beginning of the dry season are fruits in capsules dehiscentes, pentavalvas, woody, containing numerous cottony filaments wrapped in color of blancogrisáceo help seed dispersal by anemochory .


Quantity Needed: 10


Price: $25.00

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