Indian Coral Tree


Indian Coral Tree

Erythrina variegata

This beautiful Indian Coral Tree will be one of the many beautiful trees in our Jungle Boardwalk area. From Wikipedia: Erythrina variegata, commonly known as tiger’s claw or Indian coral tree, is a species of Erythrina native to the tropical and subtropical regions of eastern Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, northern Australia, and the islands of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean east to Fiji.


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Detailed Description

More from Wikipedia:

Erythrina variegata is valued as an ornamental tree. Several cultivars have been selected, including ‘Alba’ with white flowers.

In Vietnam, the leaves are used to wrap fermented meat.

E. variegata is known as dapdap in the Philippines where its bark and leaves are used in alternative medicine. In Siddha medicine, it is used especially for menstrual disorders and fissures at penis tip (Tamil: ஆண்குறிப்புண்).

E. variegata is often used in agroforestry systems. It can be used for fodder as its foliage has a good nutritive value for most livestock.

The seeds are poisonous in their raw state, but can be cooked and eaten. Along with the bark, the seeds were used to stupefy fish, making them easier to catch.


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