Foxtail Palm


Foxtail Palm


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Most of the world was unaware of the existence of this 'spectacular' palm until 1978, when an Aboriginal man brought it to botanists and the world's attention.  The specific name “bifurcata” is from Latin meaning “twice divided,” in reference to its leaves. The trunk is similar to the king palm, the foxtail palm trunk is smooth, thin, and self-cleaning. It grows a single, double, or triple trunk that is slightly spindle-shaped to columnar reaching heights of about 30 ft. The trunk also has a closely ringed, dark grey to light gray color which slowly turns more and more white. The crownshaft of the foxtail palm is light to bright green and slightly swollen at the base. White flowers stalk that comes from the base of the crownshaft. The foliage is made up a variance of greenish colors; deep green to light green colors. Received its more commonly known Australian-English name from the appearance of its foliage, which is in a shape of a fox’s tail. The fruits are 2 inches long, olive green to green in the early stages, orange red when ripe.


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