Carpentaria Palm


Carpentaria Palm

carpentaria acuminata

These palms are slim and very tall and will be planted on our spice trail plus used to create our palm jungle. They’ll provide the perfect posts for our spice vines to climb on. Various types of pepper vines will be planted to climb on these plus the beetle leaf vine as well.



Quantity Needed: 50


Price: $20.00

Detailed Description

From Wikipedia

It is a slender palm, growing to 20 m tall in the garden situation, with a trunk 12-15 cm diameter. The leaves are pinnate, 3-4 m long. However, in its natural rainforest location such as at Fogg Dam Monsoon Forest 70 km east of Darwin, specimens often exceed 30 metres in height. It is a popular ornamental plant in northern Australia, valued for its rapid growth and very elegant foliage.

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