Help Us Create a Spiritual Garden

An enchanting place that invokes the best in all and a haven for wildlife

Help Manifest a Spiritual Garden

Support our project or say “Thank you” for the tools and teachings that have benefited your life by sponsoring trees

Many of you have expressed interest in our project and have asked how you can show appreciation and support for the project and the teachings that have been so transformational to so many of us. We gave it some thought and concluded that one simple way to express gratitude is through a contribution of a tree!

By contributing, you will be help to create a place that will share these transforming teachings with many in the future, and you will also be giving back to the greater ecology of the Earth.

Thus far, between May 2014 and June 2017 we have planted over 1,200 trees and plants! These trees consist of common, as well as, rare fruiting and flowering trees and spice and medical plants.  By the time we have completed our garden we will plant a 1000+ trees and plants on the sanctuary.

If you would like to join in and help us with the creation of this spiritual sanctuary then you may do so by gifting a tree. Please choose one or more trees from the list below. Thank you.

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