Ashram Angels

Loving souls who

made a massive

difference at Siva Ashram

Ashram Angels

Angels come in many forms

We have been deeply blessed with the help and support of many people from around the world. Many have donated trees and plants. Others have gone the extra several thousand miles to help Siva Ashram become a reality and we call these people our Ashram Angels. These Ashram Angels invested their own time, money, and expertise in coming to Costa Rica and spending days on a shadeless property in one of the hottest times of the year (ideal for getting plants in the ground, but less than ideal for humans to be working) to help us to manifest this project. We can never thank them enough for their love and support and will cherish them, and others like them, for all of our lives.

Ashram Angels

Jim and Rachel Landis
South Carolina, USA

Jim and Rachel were early supporters of Siva Ashram. Without their friendship, guidance and help Siva Ashram would not be in progress today.

Mark Boyer
New York, USA

Mark brought his homemade drone down from New York to take the aerial shots of Siva Ashram featured in various pages on this website. This helped us get a better overview of the property.

Arun & Becky
Ohio, USA

Arun and Becky flew in from Ohio and put in three long hot and uncomplaining days on the ashram, cataloguing and charting the distances between plants. We rewarded them with a pitcher of guava juice and they were grateful… Now that’s the kind of family everyone should have.

Tim Davies
Perth, West Australia

Tim is an award winning landscape architect in Perth, Australia, and came all the way to Costa Rica to help us with our first planting. Not a lot of people could walk onto 16.5 acres of weeds and vines and nonchalantly get to work. He taught us how to make a plan, to measure and feel into the shapes and contours of the land, and to make the most of our property. He spent a week with us, three days of which were spent designing our main driveway that will one day will wow all visitors with its thoughtful curves and elegant turns. He worked hard, laughed harder and lifted our spirits when we were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the project we had just embarked on. His guidance, wisdom and design sense are present in many aspects of the gardens.

Nirmala Satgunasingam
Perth, West Australia

Nirmala came from Perth, Australia, to visit the U.S.A. and Costa Rica. When she wasn’t celebrating her 70th birthday or making some scrumptious meals for us, she was on the farm. She took on the monumental task of the initial tagging and numbering of all the hundreds of plants, and then built a detailed spreadsheet on an iPad. She is a wiz on spreadsheets and iPads, and makes 70 look like the new 30.

Nick and Tracey Bloor
Brisbane, Australia

Nick and Tracey reside in Brisbane, Australia, where Nick is the founder of the Queensland Botanical Garden, and together they run a weed control company. They swung by Costa Rica on their way to Scotland (a natural stopover) and spent a week with us teaching us how to prune hundreds of our trees, troubleshooting some pest problems in our citrus, and working with our guys to show them how to maintain and care for our plants. When Tracey wasn’t busy pruning or enjoying a cool glass of pinot grigio, she helped Tatiana collect, load and unload hundreds of rocks that would be later used to create a pathway. Nick and Tracey worked tirelessly in the blazing sun and always had a smile, a laugh and a bottle of wine to share at the end of every long day.

Jasmine, Jeremy & Ella Grace
Ohio, USA

Jasmine, Jeremy and Ella decided to dedicate a portion of their summer holiday to putting in some hard labor in our gardens. Jasmine taught Tatiana how to make an amazingly effective organic neem pesticide that took care of an aphid problem in the citrus trees. Jeremy helped move hundreds of stones around to form a path. As a family, they painted various markers on the property and retagged all the plants. Except for their morning coffee run and one visit to the beach, they were all hands on deck all day for a week! Doesn’t that sound like the vacation of everyone’s dreams?

Kristin Fritz
Oregon, USA

Krissy is a dedicated student of Gurudeva and Dandapani and has helped write much of the content for this website. She brings her grace, kindness and love into this site and into everything that she does.